Adtec logger boots review – Beautiful and Comfortable Work Boot for 2020

AdTec Logger Women Work Boot, Beautiful and Comfortable Work Boot for You

It is rare to find a leather work boot for women that have a beautiful design and good functionality. But, we find it on AdTec Logger Work Boot. This is one of the best creations by AdTec. Its design, quality, and performance are all top-notch. Here is our Adtec logger boots review, for you who want to know more about it.

The Simple yet Beautiful Design

The combination of the dark black leather color and golden shoelace creates a beautiful contrast. The combination gives it elegance as well as cool appearance. With just first glance, we can see that this appearance is the premium class.

Special Features

AdTec uses 100% leather for this product, except the sole. The sole part is made of rubber. And, it’s not only just a rubber material. It is also made to be oil resistant lug sole. That gives you more comfort when you wear it on the site.

It also uses a plain soft toe design. It doesn’t look special, but this simplicity is the reason why this show is beautiful. Some people who love more accents on their shoes maybe see this design as the flaw. However, if you don’t mind with its simplicity, guaranteed you get the best performance from this product.

And, when we take a look back at the leather material, we find out that it uses the full-grain oiled leather. This is one of the strongest and durable leather types. You can expect this shoe will last much longer than your other work boot.


AdTec Logger Work Boot has everything you need. The appearance, performance, and quality are all satisfying. We recommend these shoes if you are looking for women’s work boot that looks great on you and comfortable. That’s all our Adtec logger boots review.


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