Thorogood Roofer review

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Lace-To-Toe Roofer Boots, Handsome Work Boots for You

What makes work boots even better to wear and use is the feel and look of the shoes. The specialization features are just as important, but if the shoes don’t look like they fit the part, it becomes difficult to wear them. Thorogood has created the American Heritage Lace-To-Toe roofer boots that genuinely speak for themselves once you look at them. To know more, read our Thorogood Roofer review.

Designed for Heritage

The most important part about the design of these boots is the style of follows. It was created to fit the American Heritage style perfectly. The fitted design will have your back throughout the day while you get your work done. The leather used is quite handsomely tooled and gives you both style and durability.

Features of Thorogood Roofer

The shoes are made of 100% leather. It comes with a synthetic sole. The measurement of the shaft is approximately 5.25″ from arch. Moreover, it has a removable insole, which enables you to use your orthotics if you wish to. The rubber sole is quite thick and gives you excellent cushioning and grip. The laces are full length so that you can dial in the fit according to your preference. There is triple stitch work on the sides, which gives you added durability.

Thorogood Roofer’s Conclusion

This pair of Thorogood boot will enable you to give a style statement at work. Once they are on, they promise to perform correctly. You must try them for yourself to realize the number of ways you can use them. That’s all there is to this Thorogood Roofer review.


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